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Lagos, Nigeria – RORO Release Options – Ghanem Forwarding / Grimaldi ACL

We wanted to remind shippers of release options for Lagos, Nigeria RORO Shipments with Grimaldi ACL. Please update with your consignees.
Currently, the Seaway Bill (Electronic PIN) Release is the least expensive option in Lagos, there is no additional cost from USA. We are updating release procedure to automatically order the Seaway Bill upon payment. We still offer the Print at Destination (PAD) upon request before payment. Also, we can mail hard copy Bills of Lading printed in USA, however this is not recommended as there would be additional mailing expenses. Telex Release is not an option with Grimaldi ACL – Lagos.
$1290 USD is current USEC RORO cost to Lagos, Nigeria via Grimaldi ACL *rate includes Freight & Release, no additional mailing/fees

Date: 22/06/2022

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