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Sallaum Line - Jacksonville Customs Meeting Notes & Update

As previously announced, there has been an uptick in title rejections by Jacksonville Customs and fines levied.
Missing EINs and/or mismatched EINs was identified to be the reason for the vast majority of rejections and fines. Jacksonville Customs advised that from now on if a unit is sold at an Auction, the Auctions EIN can be used as long as you can provide a Bill of Sale/auction receipt from such Auction along with your TITLE and DR. Please make sure to send us a copy of the auction receipt when request dock receipts from Jacksonville-FL port. Also, please warn drivers that they should not remove auction receipts and keep them with titles when deliver vehicles to the Jacksonville ports.
Please be careful with our bookings, any rejections will go out with a warning, if such rejections are not fixed within 5 business days, a fine will be levied and not waived

Date: 22/10/2021

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