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Update: Grimaldi-ACL Service Announcement - February 2020 Terminal Closings

*Baltimore Seagirt Terminal will be closed on the 12th.

Please note the below February Terminal Closings:
Lincoln's Birthday, Observed - Wednesday Feb 12th, 2020
Baltimore Dundalk    CLOSED
*Baltimore Seagirt    CLOSED
Galveston                OPEN
Halifax                      OPEN 
Jacksonville              OPEN
NYC ~ APM               CLOSED
NYC ~ C+C                CLOSED
NYC ~ FAPS              CLOSED
NYC ~ NYCT             CLOSED
Providence                OPEN
Savannah  Roro        OPEN
Sav  Ocean Term       OPEN
Sav Garden City        OPEN
Sav N Charleston       OPEN 
Wilmington                  OPEN 
Presidents Day aka Washington's Birthday, Monday February 17th, 2020  
Baltimore Dundalk    CLOSED
Baltimore Seagirt     CLOSED
Galveston                OPEN
Halifax                      CLOSED 
Jacksonville              CLOSED
NYC ~ APM               CLOSED
NYC ~ C+C               CLOSED
NYC ~ FAPS             CLOSED
NYC ~ NYCT             CLOSED
Providence               CLOSED
Savannah  Roro        CLOSED
Sav  Ocean Term      CLOSED
Sav Garden City       OPEN
Sav N Charleston     OPEN 
Wilmington                OPEN 

Date: 07/02/2020

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