Carrier Terminal Status

Please find below port updates for accepting Non-Runners & Forklifts.  Please note Carriers change acceptance guidelines frequently.  This page is updated as we are informed per Carriers Grimaldi ACL and Sallaum Line on a daily basis, however due to changing port availability, status may change without notice. Please use this page as a guide and always contact our office directly for specific booking questions.


*Some ports accept Non-Running & Forklift Vehicles on a case-by-case basis - email for special bookings

What qualifies as a run and drive?  The vehicle must be able to move under its own power and operated in a safe manner. Broken windshields, weak/faulty brakes, or the driver’s side door not operating normally would be examples of disqualifying issues. Some ship lines require the passenger side door to work as well.

What qualifies as a nonrunner?  The vehicle is in good operational order but does not move under its own power. Like a car which needs a new starter motor. It should not have leaks and need to have an operational driver’s side door.

What qualifies as a forklift?  Vehicles which do not meet the requirements to go as a run and drive or nonrunner will have to go as a forklift. If there is a hazard to the port workers entering the vehicle like broken glass or biohazard, then it will have to go as a forklift. Missing keys, damaged axles and steering wheels/columns are examples of some unobvious reason for a unit to be a forklift. They will not be accepted if they are leaking fluids or have any defect which may be dangerous to be around.

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