Age Restrictions for Export

Please note below information is subject to change per country - details are updated as best as possible per Port

Nigeria - Port: Lagos

-No import of used motor vehicle (cars/svans) above 15 years from the years of manufacture

Benin - Port: Cotonou 

-No restrictions on age


Togo - Port: Lome

-No restrictions on age


Ghana - Port: Tema


Senegal - Port: Dakar

-Cars -> 8yrs

-Vehicles for personnel transport -> 8yrs

-Vehicles for goods transportation -> 10yrs

Sierra Leone - Port: Freetown

-No restrictions on age


Ivory Coast - Port: Abidjan

-Cars/Svans/Bvans : less than 7 yrs

-Trucks: less than 10yrs

-In practice: only vehicles (c,v,t) of 10 yrs and more are subject to a fine


Lebanon – Port: Beirut

-No autos over 8 years old. Pick-up trucks running on gasoline there are no restrictions. Diesel engine pick-up trucks subject to 5 yr age limit & payload should be at least 3.5 tons.


Jordan – Port: Aqaba

-Aqaba age restriction is 5 years on regular vehicles. Hybrid and electric vehicles are exempted (check with carrier at time of booking)

-Regulations have an exemption for hybrids. In practice ship lines do not accept hybrids at this time


Saudi Arabia – Ports: Jeddah, Damman, Riyadh, Yambu,

-Regular passenger autos, buses and light trucks must not be more than 5 years old and heavy transportation trucks must not be more than 10 years old. Also any damaged, salvaged, dented or previously used vehicles for police or taxi services are prohibited.


United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Port: Jebel Ali

- No limitations


Kuwait – Ports: Shuaibi & Shuwaikh

-Equal to or less than 5 years, maximum vehicle age cannot exceed 4 years plus the year of manufacture.  Classic cars allowed 40+ years.  Permission for unique cars with proof.  Students may return vehicles exported while at university abroad.


Angola - Port: Luanda

-6 years on passenger cars, including Small vans and Big vans

-10 years on trucks and buses as from empty weight of 3,5 tons

-No age restrictions to be applied on agricultural and industrial machines


Cameroun - Port: Douala

-No restrictions on age

Democratic Republic of Congo - Ports: Boma, Matadi

-For all subsequent vehicles that had restrictions since 2012, depending on the age of first registration, the 1st year of registration has now been extended to 20 years.

Equatorial Guinea - Port: Bata, Malabo

-Cars: 12 years from date of first registration at country of origin

-Vans/Minibus : 15 years

-Bus: 18 years

-Trucks / others: 18 years


-For high & heavy, trucks & machines: no restriction

-Passenger vehicles may only be imported up to one year after the date of manufacture.

Gabon - Port: Libreville

-Max. 5 years on vehicles of less than 10 seats and max 3.500 kos and public transport vehicles more than 9 seats

-Max. 6 years on goods vehicles over 3.500 kos

-No restriction on special equipment and no motorized vehicles

Gambia - Port: Banjul

-No restrictions on age

Guinea - Port: Conakry

-Max 13 years

-RHD vehicles remain forbidden.

​​Libya - Ports: Misurata/Benghazi/Tripoli/Al Khums

-For cars / small vans / big vans - max 10 years

Liberia - Port: Monrovia

-An age limit of ten years

-Punitive tax is introduced for units over 10 years old as per below

-11-15 years: 10%

-16-20 years: 20%

-over 20 years: Banned

Mauritania - Port: Nouakchott

-No restrictions on age

Morocco - Port: Casablanca

-No restrictions on age

Republic of Congo - Port: Pointe Noire

-No restrictions on age

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