Container Shipping Procedure

Ghanem Forwarding LLC offers 20 & 40 Foot Container Export bookings with major Ocean Carriers from USA to destinations worldwide and loading logistics from Baltimore, MD.  We can help arrange Loading and Trucking from our warehouse and also provide Bookings (Dock Receipts) for shippers with their own loading facilities. 


Container Bookings Only: 

-Email for a quote - 

-Make Deposit - Payment Procedures / Options 

-We provide the Dock Receipt and you are good to go 

Container Loading & Shipping from Ghanem Warehouse in Baltimore, MD: 

-Email for a quote - 

-Provide Full Packing list 

-Make Deposit - Payment Procedures / Options 

-Schedule deliveries to our warehouse 

-We handle Loading, Trucking, Customs & Shipping 


Shipper Checklist for Ghanem Warehouse Deliveries: 

*Please review below in full before making any deliveries to our office to avoid unnecessary storage and warehouse fees. We arrange loading schedules based on Carrier Shipping Schedules to minimize storage 

1. Confirm your quote in email - 

2. Submit Full packing list before booking / deliveries 

3. Make Deposit before booking / deliveries - Payment Procedures / Options 

4. Schedule Deliveries with Ghanem Team for cargo acceptance availability at least 24 hours in advance 


*Please follow checklist to avoid unnecessary warehouse and storage fees. We cannot guarantee anything until full packing list provided 

 *Please do not deliver any items or vehicles to our lot before: 

-customer forms/agreements signed & provided 

-full packing list provided & agreed 

-deposit and booking fully made 

-scheduled delivery accepted by Ghanem Team 

 *Deliveries made to our warehouse before deposit and/or packing list are subject to warehouse storage and receiving fees 



Container Quotes: Please email with below information: 


Container Size: ______ (20 foot or 40 foot) 

Shipment Description: ____ (number & type of: vehicles, goods, boxes, etc) 


Port of Load (from USA): ______ 

Port of Destination: ________ 


Loading Location: _______ (Ghanem Warehouse in Baltimore, MD or Shipper Loading Facility) 

Trucking / Customs Driver: ______ (If loaded from Ghanem in Baltimore, we can handle Trucking/Customs – If loaded from Shipper Facility, please arrange your own Driver) 


-For accounting questions, please contact our office: 410-366-0416 / 

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