Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ghanem is a “1 Stop Shop” when it comes to Vehicle Exporting:

-RORO (Roll-on, Roll-off) Ocean Freight Forwarding - Vehicles, Trucks, Construction Equipment & Static Cargo (pallets) …if it rolls or can be towed, we can ship it.  We offer competitive rates and 1st Class service to the Middle East & West Africa with the best agents in Cotonou, Benin & Lagos, Nigeria.  We pride ourselves on making Fast Dock Receipts.

-Inland Towing Transport - from mainland USA Auto Auctions closest Ports

1. How do new customers register?

New Customer Forms

-There is only 1 Form for new shippers to fill out including your contact information and basic shipping agreements allowing us to book your shipments for export - see New Shipper Forms

2. How do current customers get new Dock Receipts / Bookings?

Online Bookings or email  

3.What is RORO?

-RORO means “Roll on, Roll off” services – this is our area of expertise – we use the top Ocean Freight carriers with constant vessels loading from the USA sailing to destinations worldwide

4. What is a VIN?

-VIN is the Vehicle Identification Number typically 17 digits long – you need this entire number to book a vehicle. However, for our VIN Tracking and Staff Assistance, you only need to reference the last 6 digits.  If you need to call or email us for help, have the last 6 digits ready for faster service

5. Can you pick up my car from an auto auction?

Vehicle Dispatch - Inland Towing or email

-Yes, we work with drivers across the mainland USA and Canada to pick up single cars to full 10 car loads and take them to the closest port of export

6. Do you ship Containers?

-Yes, we offer Container bookings and offer loading services from our office in Baltimore, MD

Container Shipping

7. Do you ship Trucks (Mack) and Construction Equipment?

-Yes, we offer competitive rates for ocean and inland freight for "High & Heavy" Trucks & Equipment

Trucks and Equipment

8. What countries do you ship to?

RORO Rates Per Country

-We have contracts and connections with most countries worldwide with very competitive rates and the finest service to the Middle East & West Africa – we work with local offices in Cotonou, Benin & Lagos, Nigeria

9. Do you ship “Non-Runner” & “Forklift” units?

-Yes, the US Ports each have their own guidelines for accepting damaged vehicles and we can help you choose the correct carrier who can ship your vehicle at the lowest cost

10. Where can I find Schedules & Transit times?

RORO Vessel Schedules

-We update our shipping schedules daily online with the major carriers - see Schedules-Rates-Services page

11. How much does shipping cost?

RORO Rates or email

-Rates depend on exact shipment (vehicle) size and the ports you are shipping to and from.  For example, our lowest rates would usually be for smaller cars, with rates increasing for Trucks & Vans, and even more expensive for Tractor Trailer Trucks & Construction equipment.  You can see most rates online or contact our office directly for a special quote - see Schedules-Rates-Services page

12. Do you offer Volume Discounts?

-Yes, we offer standard rates for single car shippers and discounts for volume shippers and long-term customers

13. How can I see updates for my shipment?

VIN Tracking

-We offer LIVE VIN Tracking on our website Home Page and personalized more detailed options and accounting via your personalized Login

14. How do Releases work?

Release Procedures

-We arrange Electronic Email Releases whenever possible to avoid mailing fees using Carrier Telex Releases and Print Releases at destination.  For those ports and customers that require Bills of Lading, we arrange mailing inside the USA or directly to the country of destination when needed. 

15. How do I pay?

Payment Procedures / Options

-Bank Wire / ACH Transfers *Preferred Form of Payment

-Money Order / Cashier’s Checks (Mail or Deliver to our office)

*Cotonou, Benin & Lome, Togo Shipments – can be paid in USA or to Cotonou/Lome Agents directly at destination


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