RORO Shipping Process

You do not have to be a shipping professional in order to complete a shipment to a certain destination.  We can help volume shippers and 1 time customers ship their vehicles from the USA to destinations worldwide.  


RORO Shipping Process:


1. View Rates for RORO Shipping per Destination

RORO Rate Request 


2. View Shipping Schedules for estimated transit times 

RORO Vessel Schedules


3. Book your vehicle (Vehicle Title is required documentation)

New Customer & Booking Forms (Dock Receipts) 

*Registered Shippers use Personal Login/Password ... ask our team for your Login

-for booking questions - email

*Vehicles are booked for soonest available vessel and shipped per port availability load order - bookings are not made per vessel


4. For Inland Towing services 

Vehicle Dispatch - Inland Towing

-for pickup questions - email


5. View VIN Tracking on our Home Page for updated shipping status per vehicle including On Terminal & Customs Cleared dates

Vehicle VIN Tracking


6. Once Cargo is loaded, we will email your personalized Manifest with shipping estimated arrival date (ETA)

-Shipping Status also updates online via VIN Tracking


7. Once shipping invoice is paid, we will recommend best release option - Telex Release, Print Release or Bills of Lading

Payment & Release Procedures

-for invoice & payment questions - email

-for release questions - email

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