Payment & Release Procedure

Ghanem Forwarding LLC Payment Options:

1. Bank Wire and ACH Transfers *Recommended & Preferred Form of Payment – Faster releases - NO Processing Fees
US Domestic ACH and Wire Transfers *For Bank Transfer Authorization/Account details - email with VIN

2. Money Order and Cashier’s Checks (Mail or Deliver to our office)
Pay to: Ghanem Forwarding – 68 Alco Place, Halethorpe, MD 21227
Memo/Reference/Note: Shipper Name (Account Name) AND VIN (Last 6 Digits)
Please reference Shipper & VIN on all payments. Payments without VIN/Shipper referenced are not guaranteed for same-day processing
Not Recommended – longer processing and release time due to bank clearance and mail delays

*Payments with No VIN/Shipper reference are not guaranteed for same-day processing & releases - Postal Money Orders, Business & Personal Checks take 7 business days to clear funds in our account (releases cannot be processed until funds are confirmed on the 8th business day)

​We recommend payment before shipment arrival for fastest release possible. Releases are issued the week of vessel arrival (ETA) not in advance – Carrier Releases can take up to 5 business days after payment is processed

​Ghanem Forwarding LLC offers and recommends optional Cargo Insurance purchase for all shipments. For accounting questions, please contact our office: 410-366-0416 / Invoices/Quotes sent before port delivery and customs clearance are subject to change until transporters confirm all charges and shipment is fully cleared by customs. Costs are subject to change per additional carrier/port charges added after manifest. Actual shipment cost is calculated by measurements taken by port and current carrier rates at time of delivery to port (not booking or quote date). Invoices are dated when created and should be paid in full for release within 1 month of manifest loading date per carrier or subject to $100 late fees per month past due unpaid. Please pay invoices within 2 months of manifest to avoid OBL sale and legal collections. Shippers are still held responsible for all charges for additional services requested if OBL is sold and ocean freight recovered. OBL Sale occurs when invoice is not paid after 2 months of initial manifest/loading/sailing date. If Shipper does not pay invoice within those 2 months, Ghanem reserves the right to sell the OBL for the invoice balance and expenses to change the consignee to the purchasing party. When the final invoice or Manifest is issued it is serves as constructive notice. In booking with Ghanem Forwarding LLC, Shippers agree to all terms and conditions provided. Upon request, we shall provide a detailed breakout of the components of all charges assessed and a true copy of each pertinent document relating to these charges.

Detention & Demurrage Policy:
Pass-Through Basis: All detention and demurrage charges as invoiced by the underlying ocean common carrier are passed through to the relevant shipper. Carrier shall provide a true copy of each detention and demurrage invoice made by the underlying ocean common carrier. Carrier is a non-vessel-operating common carrier (NVOCC) operating under the Safe Harbor provision of The Shipping Act of 2022 – Public Law 117-146, which provides that an NVOCC that passes through to the relevant shipper a detention and demurrage invoice made by the underlying ocean common carrier, and is not otherwise found to be responsible for the charges by the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), shall not be subject to penalties or refund requirements issued by the FMC rather the underlying ocean common carrier shall be subject to any penalties or refund requirements issued by the FMC.

Release Procedure

Lagos, Nigeria Release Emails
Release Emails are issued the week of vessel arrival (ETA)
⚬ Sallaum Telex Releases are ordered same day as payment applied and released directly to consignees – Sallaum takes up to 24 hours to send the Telex Release email *If missing Telex Release email – please email with VIN
⚬ Grimaldi-ACL Seaway Bill Releases take 1-3 days on average to receive in email. Shippers will receive a email link to submit Agent Name for Release from on day of payment if paid before 4pm – Grimaldi takes 1-3 days to issue release email once name submitted online
⚬ Cotonou, Benin & Lome, Togo – Bills of Lading are released directly at destinations

Telex Release Costs:

Sallaum Line: FREE
Atlantic Container Line (Grimaldi): $50

Bills of Lading / Titles: Additional optional mailing fees
DHL International Mailing: $175 (average depending on country)
UPS USA Domestic Express Mailing: $40