Please advise your drivers accordingly for NonRunner and Forklift RORO Vehicle deliveries per Grimaldi ACL & Sallaum Line. 

-Grimaldi ACL Dundalk Baltimore - Shutting down FL/NR receiving Monday 3/13 and Tuesday 3/14

Ghanem Forwarding LLC - Carrier Terminal Status 

Date: 03/13/2023

Date: 03/10/2023

Please be advised Sallaum Line has adjusted Port Tow Charges for NonRunner & Forklift RORO Vehicles.  Updated rates per US Ports below are effective for RORO Vehicles received on and after March 27, 2023.


Date: 03/10/2023

Date: 03/09/2023

Please note that in Celebration of Mr. Thomas “Teddy” Gleason - the following ports will be closed on Friday, March 17: Baltimore South Locust Point and Newark Red Hook Terminal.  Please advise your drivers accordingly.

Date: 03/09/2023

Please be advised that Dundalk will still receive Tow Units today 3/9 and tomorrow 3/10.  Please note Forklift & NonRunner Vehicle receiving will be Closed Monday 3/13 and Tuesday 3/14 next week.

Date: 03/09/2023

Please note the below RORO & Container Port Closures for Gleason's Birthday – Friday, March 17:

Baltimore Dundalk - CLOSED
Baltimore Seagirt - CLOSED
Freeport RORO - OPEN
Freeport Velasco Ctrs - OPEN
Houston - OPEN
Jacksonville - OPEN
RH Brooklyn - CLOSED
RH Newark Ctrs - CLOSED
Port Newark PNAT - CLOSED
Providence - OPEN
Savannah RORO - OPEN
Sav Ocean Term Ctrs - OPEN
Sav Garden City - OPEN
Wilmington - OPEN 

Date: 03/08/2023

We always work to keep our valued Shippers up to date with RORO news and help to choose the fastest shipping options. The schedules have been recently changing frequently with some ports and carriers having much longer time between vessels (***sometimes a 2-5 week difference).   Vessel frequency will have a big impact on the time your vehicle spends at the port. We want to help our shippers avoid extended expected arrival delays.

Please take a look at the recent vessel schedule changes for shipments to Cotonou, Lagos, Lome, Tema, Dakar & Abidjan: Ghanem Forwarding LLC - RORO Vessel Schedules

*Check at least once a week for daily Grimaldi ACL & Sallaum Line Schedule updates

We understand timing is important in this business. While we can’t guarantee vessel loading times, we can work to get you there ASAP.  Ask our team for Fastest Booking option at that time when requesting Dock Receipts.

Date: 03/08/2023

Please find below reminder for RORO Shipping Categories detail of Autos and High & Heavy (H&H) Shipments based on Cubic Feet (cbf) / Cubic Meters (cbm). Please note Ports will survey measurements after delivery. Rates are based on specific date of delivery and measurements per unit taken by port. ***Ask our team to confirm vehicle category for prior to booking.

Autos Category 1 (Cat1): Automobiles and Small Vans *Up to 650 cbf / 18.41cbm
-typical size Sedans, smaller SUVs & Vans
-example: Toyota Corolla & Honda CRV

Autos Category 2 (Cat2): Automobiles, Trucks and Big Vans *From 651 to 899 cbf / 18.41 to 25.46 cbm
-larger/extended SUV’s, Trucks & Vans
-example: Toyota Sequoia & Ford F250

H&H Category 1: High & Heavy Rolling Cargo. Trucks, Trailers, Buses, Travel Trailers, Motor homes such as, but not limited to: Mack Trucks, Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Boats on Trailers, Light duty Trucks and Oversized Vans.
-Max width 102 inches / 8' 6", Max Height 162 inches / 13'6"; Combination Tractor-Trailer Max Length 80'; Trailer only Max Length 60'; Max Weight for all types of cargo is 50 Tons per piece, Minimum 15 CBM per Invoice

H&H Category 2: High and Heavy Rolling Cargo. Agricultural Equipment, Road Building and Construction Equipment such as, but not limited to: Caterpillars, Mining Trucks, Man-lifts, Cranes, Mounted Drill Rigs, over dimensional Boats and other larger rolling cargo
-Max Width 13', Max Length 75', Max Height 14', Max Weight for all types of cargo is 50 Tons per piece, Min 15 CBM per Invoice  

Date: 03/08/2023

Date: 03/08/2023

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